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You will be first asked to attend an initial consultation where Dr Logan will discuss your medical history and treatment options. If surgical treatment is required, you will be given an admission form and surgery date at the time of your consultation. Dr Logan performs the following operations:



  • Laparoscopic Splenectomy

  • Lymph Node Biopsy

Please click on any of the underlined procedure to read more about the procedure

At Dr Logan's practice, we do gap cover for all cancer surgery.  There is a 'cap' or limit to out of pocket costs for all other surgery which is small and reasonable for the patient.   



Please ensure you have done the following prior to your procedure:


Filled out your admission form and have returned your form to the designated hospital at least a week prior to the date of your surgery.


Please sign and return your informed financial consent to Dr Logan’s office prior to the date of your surgery.


Please contact the office if you have any questions regarding your surgery.


Please contact the office to arrange a post-operative appointment if instructed by the hospital and/or Dr Logan.


Please follow any post-operative care instructions given by Dr Logan, and if you are unsure of any instructions given to you whilst at the hospital, please contact this office for clarification.


Please contact the office immediately if you have any concerns regarding your wound and/or wound care, or if you are experiencing any problems.

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